Management Buyout

Whether you're buying out an existing company director or looking to acquire another business, it's likely that you will need a significant amount of capital to achieve your goal. Many people find that they don't have immediate access to the finance needed, however the good news is that there are plenty of finance options available to help you carry out your acquisition.

Our management buyout service allows you and your management team to buy the company you work for, from your employer. In many cases, your management team will be up to speed with the workings of the company, however gaining independent expert financial advice will increase your chances of a buyout success.

In the current financial market, arranging funding for a management buyout can be complex, with several negotiations required Our team of experts will help you work through the entire buying process.

We can take care of the following:

- Creating a business plan that will appease funders
- Finding and assessing funding options
- Mediating negotiations to get the right price

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