The import one stop shop (IOSS) launches on 1 July 2021. This means that no VAT needs accounting for on low value consignments at the point of arrival in the EU country. But what are the responsibilities if a business makes these low value sales into Northern Ireland?

The IOSS allows businesses that sell low value (not exceeding £135) goods into the EU to register for VAT in a single EU country and account for all EU sales on a single return. HMRC has now published guidance for businesses that make sales into Northern Ireland, which is still part of the single market and customs union. The guidance confirms that these businesses must inform HMRC of the following details:

  • the IOSS registration number
  • the name of the EU country they’re registered in
  • business name, address and contact details; and
  • UK VAT registration number, if applicable.

The guidance contains a link to make the disclosure.

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