The fourth SEISS grant has only just opened up for claimants, but already HMRC has issued a warning about an email scam doing the rounds. What should traders look out for?

The fourth SEISS grant gateway opened last week. Eligible claimants should have been contacted by HMRC in writing to let them know exactly when to apply. However, it appears that opportunistic fraudsters have seized on this to try to trick people into handing over highly sensitive personal information. The new scam takes the form of a “phishing” email. It informs the recipient that the SEISS grant is open for application and contains a link to apply.

It states that the claimant will need to divulge their bank account, passport and driving licence details. As with many scams of this type, the standard of grammar and language is poor. However, it could catch out traders if they don’t read it properly. The only way to apply for the SEISS grant is via the link on the official portal page here.

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